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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Eternal Rider (Lords of Deliverance, #1)Eternal Rider by Larissa Ione
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the first book I've read by Larissa Ione. I have to say I was impressed. Not only does she paint an impressive world with words but she has mastered making it believable, even when whats going on in the book is so over the top extreme it still stuck by her plot and she never took the easy way out just to get to the happy ending part. This is the first book in her Lords of Deliverance series and I couldn't put it down. You are dragged from one huge catastrophe to another all in the hopes that something, anything will fix the coming apocalypse. I liked how believable her characters were, they reacted to situations in a manner that made them even more real they didn't push boundaries and try to be someone else just to make the book more pleasant. The story line is hard, brutal, and at times extremely romantic bordering on erotic. Your dragged along by your hair and not the seat of your pants, of course this is the apocalypse so what did you expect. There is nothing comfortable or cozy about this story except for the love that starts to bloom between the two main characters. The romance surprising went along a more moderate route than most paranormal romances take, usually authors use this "instant connection" as an excuse to have lots of sex early on in there books. For the circumstances that were happening in this book the romance went at the speed that complemented the story instead of detracting from it. The author instead chose to make better use of her time painting a world for her characters to play in making it believable and one I will visit again. Great read and I would totally recommend this series and reread it.

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