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Monday, January 30, 2012

Book Addiction and No self control

I love to read which is a major understatement, so I set a goal on the Goodreads site just so I'd have some idea of how many books I'm going through in a year and so far I'm at 26 books since January, I'm seriously considering meetings but they would probably just turn into a book club of sorts there by fueling my already horrible addiction to the written word.
On a different subject since I've finally got this blog set up and linked to all my favorite sites I will be posting excerpts soon from a few books I'm writing to see if I can get some much needed feed back. Now I do have a thick skin but please don't rip me a new one I'd take constructive advice or critiques any day but if your horribly rude or just plain mean I can't promise I won't be angry enough to say mean things myself, I have a filter problem so beware lol.
Now I just need to figure out which one of my books to post an excerpt from any go from there, ohhh I have an idea tomorrow I will post what the books are about and see if I can get some feed back on what you guys would like to read and we can go from there. If I get no suggestions I will just randomly pick one or cheat and have my friend Michelle tell me which one she wants lol.

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