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Monday, January 30, 2012

My Tribute to Hot Fiction Everywhere / Third Grave Dead Ahead

So in celebration of a new book coming out in one of my favorite series I thought I would share the new book cover with you and some decidedly hot pictures of what I think Reyes could look like, even if he doesn't who wouldn't want to drool over these hotties any way.
If you want to check out the Authors site I'm posting a link on here that will take you there. Darynda Jones has and excerpt from her latest book and a whole bunch of other fun stuff you can check out I really liked reading her short stories she has posted that she says no publisher will ever pick up, well poo on them I loved each one of her shorts. Since I will be getting this book sometime after midnight tonight you should be able to check back later tomorrow and see my review of it lol considering I have an addiction problem when it comes to books this shouldn't come as a surprise. I was checking my goal for the year on books and I've already hit 28 books since January it's missing some so I'm going to have to fix that but all this proves is I'm right I have a problem and should probably go to meetings for book addiction, but my luck it would just turn into a book club lmao. So I will leave you with one more pic before I go enjoy.

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