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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So Many Stories So Little Time

So far I have 7 books to read and do some sort of review on. I'm dragging my feet only because I'm a little addicted to ebooks right now and all of these are in paperback, sounds like a weird thing right a book is a book but my ipod is so much easier to hold and read for hours. 
But really I just need to buckle down and get started on them. To many to pick from and none of them are what I usually like to read  so I just did enee meany and I'm starting the zombie book next. It's called The Z Strain  A Zombie Love Story, by Rutger Klamor. Now I haven't read a book by this author yet so I'm flying blind here, got my fingers crossed here's hoping it's a great novel .  
Spend my day trying to return some birthday presents that I wouldn't use to see if I could add up the money together to get a kindle fire as much as I like ebooks and reading on my ipod it's screen size can cause eye strain and if I raise the font size it just makes the pages down to the size of a paragraph. as irritating as that is I do love that I can read my books on my computer, ipod touch, and my blackberry. This means I get to read anywhere I'am :)  which just rocks. But I would love to be able to do that on a ereader def would make for less eye strain. I have entered in two giveaways that the prize is a kindle fire or an apple ipad 2. The other giveaway is just a kindle fire or a nook color. Now my impatience has made it that I cannot seem to wait for these to end to see if I won considering one is in march and the other is just a few weeks away. I'am posting the info for one of these on my blog feel free to enter and put me down as how you got the information if you win then we both get a kindle ;)

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