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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A First Time For Everything

I'm going to be quick I've been reading a lot lately cause well I'm addicted and all but even though I have books to read and review I still picked up a new book yesterday to read for fun and boy did I ever regret that. I've never in my life hated a book so much that I didn't finish it, I'm always curious enough to want to know the endings. I've also never hated a book so much that I've returned it to the store. Well lucky me did both of those things today and I'm a little disappointed, I was so hoping that I had found a new author to add to my addiction a new world to venture through. I posted my review of the book on here so I won't repeat what about the book made me hate it so much you can just go read the review all I'm going to do is tell you the name of the book and recommend you make up your own mind cause if we all liked the same books this would be a boring world.
Book was Blood Cursed, come to think of it I felt a little cursed after reading it lol

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