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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The 58th KeeperThe 58th Keeper by R.G. Bullet
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Archy Bass is a foster kid that gets stuck at a boarding school called Rushburys, For Archy this school feels more like a prison. After getting into trouble for something Archy didn't do he meets Vincent, a smart mouthed sarcastic boy that becomes Archy's fast friend and occasional partner in crime. Because of their growing friendship Archy gets an invite to go on holiday to Turkey with Vincent, and Vincent's family. It's not long into this trip that things start going badly for Archy, first he gets taken for all of his food money and only gets a smelly rug that suppose to do magic. Knowing he should have kept a better eye on the rug seller doesn't help Archy later when he needs to use this trick to hide. It is at this time that he finds out that Vincent's brother George, isn't exactly what he seems. Archy desperately wants his money back and gets his chance when he runs into Alturus, the rug seller at at the airport. What Archy doesn't count on is the bad guys that are out to get him and the rug. His first hiding attempt is successful stuffing himself under dirty smelly clothes he eventually gets on the plane. This is the point that Archy can look back and say his life change for ever, cause even though he's gotten away somehow the big scary bad guy finds his way back into Archy's life again and again.

The book was exhilarating I can't wait to follow Archy and his friends on more of their adventures. The author does a great job of creating meaningful characters, that make you care about what happens to them and the outcome of their story. This seems like a great YA book and I can't wait to pass this on to my 14 year old I think he will enjoy going on an adventure with Archy and his friends.

The 58th Keeper is a must read for anyone who likes their books filled with action and suspense humor. I hope there will be many more stories to follow about Archy, his friends, and his amazing rug.

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