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Monday, February 20, 2012

Demons Not Included (Night Tracker, #1)Demons Not Included by Cheyenne McCray
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This story is about Nyx a half drow half human princess, that is a tracker. Nyx keeps the world safe from paranormal bad guys, and sometimes human. This is the first book in the Night Tracker series. Having read other books by Cheyenne McCray I was looking forward to starting a new series by her, I was totally caught up in this story right from the start. This is a great book full of all different types of paranormal creatures, and action. If you've read her magic series then you'll recognize Nyx's parents from that series, and if you haven't I recommend that you gran it and read it. All of Cheyenne McCray's book have a quality about to them that makes it easy to get lost inside of her characters, and story. She writes books from special ops to paranormal romance, with a few other styles thrown in too.
This story has action, romance, suspense, and mystery. Throw in hot powerful male leads and you've got yourself a winning combination for any paranormal romance. Her characters are so well rounded that at times it's almost like you can feel them breath, they go through emotional high's and lows and you are right there with them rooting for things to work out.
Demon's are attacking the town, and Nyx's is out to stop them. Unfortunately things go from bad to worse rather quickly, and the trackers are being hunted instead of the hunters. The sheer number of demons requires Nyx's to use outside help in the form of her P.I. partner Olivia, and her Police liaison Adam. Nyx doesn't want to use humans for help scared they will be hurt or worse, but she has no choice in the matter they need all the help they can get if they want to send these demons back to hell.

This was a great read and I hope you will pick it up and give Author Cheyenne McCray a try, if you haven't already you are missing out on a wonderful author.

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