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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The China Gambit: A Craig Page ThrillerThe China Gambit: A Craig Page Thriller by Allan Topol
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a tale of international intrigue, and it will grab you right from the beginning. Craig Page is ex-CIA now operating as a private consultant for the Italian government, but keeping an eye on dangerous groups. He saved the United States from a bombing plot at Madison Square Garden. He deliberately disobeying the orders of the CIA head. This resulted in his dismissal. Now his only family is his daughter Franclesca, a reporter for the New York Tribune. He had lost his wife Carolyn to bacterial meningitis.
Now everything is about to change again. While doing some investigating of a story in Calgary, Canada, Francesca is killed in an automobile accident. He Immediately sense's it wasn't an accident. Apparently Francesca had emailed Craig about the story she was working on… an alleged plot between China and some other country, possible Iran, against the US. Craig is determined to find out how and why Francesca died. He is headed for Calgary and he has gained a valuable companion. His daughter’s best friend at the Tribune Elizabeth Crowder, who is determined to go with Craig to follow the story. And Craig still has an ally in the government, President Brewster!
What Craig is not aware at this junction is that the story that Francesca was working on may involve more than just China and Iran…..it may involve a person or persons within the US government? And what he also doesn’t realize is that they are aware of him and his activities. All the answers may lie in Beijing and Craig and Elizabeth must get and stay one step ahead of the people who would kill them. One other main point that they are unaware of is in 7 days, The principal bad guys is a General Zhou and his brother Zhou Yun head of the major Chinese oil company.
I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the plot was to follow. Many spy thrillers are hard to follow and plus remembering all of the players and details. This book had a nice flow to it, and the plot was not overly difficult to follow. I enjoyed it and will definitely read any other books this author puts out.
I won this book from Goodreads for an honest review.

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