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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dark MatterDark Matter by Christie Rich
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After reading Five Five
I just had to know more about this story and thank god there is a second book already out. Now my only problem is I read it in a day :( and there is no third book to appease my dying curiosity. The Second book ends on a cliff hanger of mass proportions, having said this that is the only complaint I have about this entire book. Like with most writers Christie seems to hit her stride with her second book. The writing is smoother and paints a more vivid picture. This story so intrigued me that I didn't even notice I was coming up on the end of the book, the end took me by such surprise I had to scroll back to make sure I hadn't accidently skipped a page. The story line is wonderfully paced with just the right amount of information to action sequences. The romance continues and the main character is actually being wooed by more men than ever before. I'm a little on the fence about Rayla's choices of men I'm not even sure with how the story is playing out which one to vote for her to end up with. There is a one that is a front runner for me that I would gladly pick if I could only find him lol. I fell in love with this story and its characters I just wish we got a different perspective sometimes than just Rayla's, or that she would learn more about the men and other people that surround her everyday life. You find out a lot of information in this book but I'm still dying to know more there are so many things left hanging that Rayla seems to forget about once the action starts, I can't blame her for getting distracted she's constantly in danger of being malled, molested, stolen, or killed. Rayla is really coming into her power in this book but with all the action she was a little behind the times for trying to use it or learn about herself. I think for a bit she got to dependent on someone always rescuing her, when she finally figures out she's strong enough to rescue herself and everyone around her the book shortly comes to an end. I think book three is going to be filled with amazing revelations *fingers crossed* I really liked the book cover on this book also it is beautiful. If you haven't read this series I defiantly recommend you go buy it the first book is only .99cents on kindle and the second is $2.99 this is a steal!! You wont regret getting lost in this story.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I won a Signed copy of this book on Goodreads. I had put it in my pile of books to read and kinda forgot that I had it. Then I saw it the other day and thought I could use a break from the other genre's I was reading. I have to say right off I don't usually read straight erotica I think that much sex ruins any chance for an actual story line to happen, and most erotica ends up having no point to it anyway. When I got further into this book I realized this author can actually write and not just sex scence. Shockingly the author has created a story, a plot and characters, while still having a great deal of sensuality to her books. This is unusual in an erotic genre I think most of these authors tend to throw in a sex scene if they run out of other ideas, but JT Harding actually stuck with her plot and made a romantic love story.
Ali and Tom are both greatly developed characters. Ali's seems geuinely curious about everything and pretty carefree. Sometimes the way she acts towards Tom in the beginning of the book made me question the fact that she says she's a lesbian. Tom started out a little immature for my taste but you can tell that when he finds out she is gay that he wants to respect that and tries to control his feelings for Ali. They over time seem like the perfect match for each other.
I really liked the view from which the book is written, There are a few slow spots, but that didn't detract from the whole of the book.
I had no clue this was a self published book until I read it on line it doesn't come across in her writing style, I don't know if this is the authors first book it is very well paced and put together if it is.
Thanks for the free read I really enjoyed it.

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