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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hollywood and WineHollywood and Wine by RM Pala
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is filled with some pretty heavy topics that I'm not sure if the author's writing style gave justice to. The story of Linda McLean, orphaned and sent to live with family. Linda was neglected and abused by her Aunt and Uncle, right before her birthday she is suddenly free of them, rescued by her long lost Aunt Vera Sinclair. Vera is a wealthy and successful Hollywood actress.
Linda suffers from what I would call night terrors, which she remembers very little detail, this seems to affect how she interacts with other people and she cannot really stand to be touched. Linda meets a young actor who’s instantly smitten with her and he is determined to help rid her of these nightmares.
I thought this romance went rather quickly especially for the era it was written in, and when you add in her issues with physical contact this makes it even more out of context with how a normal relationship would progress. Their interactions seemed clinical and awkward.
The author needs to work on what writing style she wants to use, and remember that your suppose to paint a picture with words including smells, sights, and sounds, letting us build the image in out imaginations not forcing it on us in a very abrupt manner.
I loved the era in which this book was set, it was great to run across the little touches of old Hollywood while reading this story.
Now I know Pala is a new author and for that I'd say this was very well put together story that has a lot of potential. I think the writing could have flowed better and the editing needs some work. She seems to have a great imagination, and isn't scared to take on a hard topics.
Over all I did enjoy this story it was just hard to finish.

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  1. It seems I wasn't the only one that felt this way. I think with time her Pala will find her groove. I would try her next book. Great review. Much nicer than some I've read. I believe in commenting on something good in a book I didn't particularly like. I would never trash someone's baby. Excuse error above.
    laura thomas

    1. thanks for the comment i would hate to have someone trash what I wrote but I do believe in constructive critique you could say. If you just bash someone with no reason your not helping them fix what bothered you and your just being mean. I see a lot of potential in this author and I would read a second book by her. These are all points I would want to know if it was my story. :)