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Monday, February 20, 2012

Mass Effect: DeceptionMass Effect: Deception by William C. Dietz
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

In full disclosure I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway, also I am not familiar with the Mass Effect series. Plus I entered to win this book for my 14yr old son who loves these video games. Now I asked him to read it and then post a review on his own goodreads acct. He has refused to finish this book, and after reading it I can't blame him. I'm more irritated that I can't get the time back I wasted on reading this book that read like a 11yr old wrote it. Having Korbyn point out all the discrepancies didn't help me love this book after having it brought to my attention I couldn't ignore them.
So first off the writing is horrible and full of mistakes, I'm wondering if this book was even edited before printing, or did they just leave all the editing solely up to the author if so he needs to take an English class that goes over punctuation and grammar. Due to the unimaginative and weak writing the story is detached and sometimes hard to follow.
All the characters are flat, boring and lacking in any personality. They also have many times through out the book acted in ways contrary to the characters personality or previous action. They talk to themselves sometimes for no reason what so ever and even if they answer it's ignored which why have them hold a conversation with themselves if it leads no where?? The action sequences are unrealistic, with main characters walking through battles with little to no injuries, while all around them people are being killed but somehow always missing out on killing the main cast. I guess since its written off a video game at these points in the book that the characters got some sort of invincibility boost?? So they could over come anything that stood in there way. Its funny to me to be saying this seeing as they kill off 3 major characters by the end of the book. From what I gather from my son, the author has greatly altered the characters ages and sexual preference for this book, what was the point to this?
This book succeeded in ruining me reading any books based off of video games. I'm stunned that this author has other books published when his writing and researching is so sub par. I've read some self published books that would blow this one out of the water. It makes me angry to think of how hard the indie authors are working to just get there name out there and books read, and this guy makes it into paperback with someone else picking up the dime??? I would love to be compensated for my time reading this book since the publishers just throwing money down the toilet why not pay me back for the brain cells this book obviously smothered with its horribleness. I am amazed that a major publisher and video game maker allowed this book to be released in the first place did no one proof read this before publication? If there going to make a habit of accepting this kind of work then I've got some great ideas, you can throw some money my way and I promise I write and reread my stuff before saying it's done, which is more than they got for what they paid this author.

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